A Fine Time Lyrics: The Towers Album: Track 5

~ Verse ~
All the ships have sailed
And left us here
My sails are torn
I can’t hide the wreckage dear

~ Pre-Chorus ~
But if you come with me
Honey you will see
Away we’ll go
Away from all this pain and hurt
Somewhere we don’t know

~ Chorus ~
It’s a fine time to get on board
If love is what you’re looking for
It’s a fine time to get on board with me

~ Verse ~
Waves crash black
Against this great white sky
But nothing stands
Between your lips and mine

~ Pre-Chorus ~

~ Chorus ~

~ Verse ~
I cannot show you what I know
In my heart, if I could
I would show you that I knew
From the start
Yes I would, yes I would

~ Chorus ~

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