Run To The River Lyrics: The Towers Album: Track 6

~ Verse ~
I see a face around a corner
And I follow
But I can’t find you
I can’t find you

In every doorway there’s woman
With a story
But I can’t see through
I can’t see through

~ Pre-Chorus ~
Nobody’s telling you to drive me crazy
Nobody’s telling you to drive me wild
Nobody’s telling me
But I can’t keep this all inside

~ Verse ~
A broken window where you used
To sleep beside me
But the daylight’s gone
The daylight’s gone

You stole a promise and some
Naughty lingerie
I guess the bad guys won
The bad guys won

~ Pre-Chorus ~

~ Chorus ~
So run to the river
Cry to the giver
Life ain’t for living
On your own

~ Verse ~
And in the alleyway
I try to go to bed
But my thoughts keep on
My thoughts keep on

And I remember
All the things I never said
But the chance is gone
The chance is gone

~ Pre-Chorus ~

~ Chorus ~

~ Verse ~
I hear a whisper in the darkness
By the river
And it sounds like you
It sounds like you

But every step I take towards you
Makes me wonder
Where the road leads to
The road leads to

~ Pre-Chorus ~

~ Chorus ~

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