Summer Lyrics: The Towers Album: Track 9

~ Verse ~
All the dreams of your summer
Are melting on the shore
And your heart gives up
Whether you like it or not
And you don’t feel nothing no more

The sand flies into your windshield
As you try to drive away
And the hospital seems
Like it’s make believe
But you know that you’ve gotta stay

~ Pre-Chorus ~

~ Chorus ~
They say that it won’t take long
Any which way he’ll be gone by morn
Floating away on the light from the dawn
Oh my

~ Verse ~
The nurse carries on like usual
But everything just feels wrong
And you sit down to eat
Cuz you can’t even speak
And the radio sings you a song

~ Pre-Chorus ~

~ Chorus ~

~ Verse ~
Everybody’s there
Hoping there’s a prayer
But everybody knows
That everybody goes sometime

~ Chorus ~

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